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TFT Interface - Dual Channel Fibre Optic Convertor

Trent - Dual Channel Fibre
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Trent Dual channel units are available in either Transmit (TX + TX), Receive (RX + RX) or Transceive (TX + RX) models.

All TX Channels have a loop out facility for each Coaxial input.

All RX Channels have two Coaxial outputs.

• Optional reclocker bypass in both TX and RX Units
• 2.8 inch TFT screen
• Robust and Rugged Power Connector (4-Pin XLR) Pins 1&4 - 12 VDC IN and Pins 2&3 - Configurable relay-trigger short output for alarm/fibre level warning
• Continuous Signal Monitoring enabling Rapid Fault Diagnostics
• Transmitter converts the incoming SDI/ASI signal from Copper, equalises, reclocks and outputs on 9/125 single mode Fibre.
• Receiver converts the incoming signal from 9/125 single mode fibre to SDI/ASI, reclocks, and outputs on copper.
• Supports SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI at data rates of 270Mb/s, 1483.5Mb/s, 1485Mb/s, 2967Mb/s and 2970 Mb/s
• Up to 30 Km range
• SMPTE, DVB and ASI Compliant
• ST or FC Fibre connectors availiable.
• Two mounting points on the base for temporary or permanant secure fixing
• Power requirements 7 to 17.5 VDC (standard 4 pin XLR) 2W at 13.8V DC
Alarm function on pins 2 and 3 of the power XLR socket, to allow the user to build a customised extermal alarm (visual or audible) which indicates when a user-defined situation occurs (for example, video loss, low fibre light level).
• Not including Connectors, Dimensions are 164 mm x 90mm x 41mm
• Including Connectors the, Dimensions are 170 mm x 90mm x 41mm
Enclosures are available in a selection of colours for easy identification - more details to follow soon.

These units are now available for Pre-Order: lead times are currently around 8 weeks.

Price is £1,402.15 plus VAT for a pair/kit, or £701.07 for individual units.

They are directly compatible with our single channel ranges too, so for instance, two single channel TX units could be received by one dual channel RX unit.
Please contact us if you with to place an order.

Click the link for the Tech File: TRENT DUAL CHANNEL TECH FILE.

Our industry leading warranty applies to this product: warranty