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The purchase of new and often very expensive electronic products can often come with a concern for the longevity and reliability of those same items.

Our products are designed from the outset to be utterly reliable, with PCB's constructed in such a way that signal paths are optimised and without compromise.  The very best components are installed, and attention to detail is given to proper heat sinking and, as much as possible, light weather proofing.

Even so, we appreciate that things can, and do go wrong, so we are proud to sell all our products with an industry leading warranty as standard.

Every product that we make ourselves (unfortunately this excludes bought in monitors) has a 24 month Return to Base warranty for any issue that occurs as a result of component failure or manufacturing fault. This includes any software related problems.

Outside of the 24 month period, and also for issues caused by damage (whether accidental or otherwise), we will repair the product at a cost of parts and labour (plus postage). We charge labour on a pro-rata hourly basis, to the nearest 5 minutes so, for example, if a unit takes 16 minutes to fix, we would charge 15 minutes labour at our hourly rate.

If you do have a product that needs to be returned for repair, please contact us in the first instance to discuss the best way for us to help you.